Sump Pump Replacement

SUMP PUMP Replacement

Reliable Plumbing and Drain is your sump pump installation expert! Finding the right pump can be difficult, however, because manufacturers of less reliable pumps use words like “rugged,” “corrosive resistant,” “thermoplastic” and “lifetime warranty” to make their mediocre pumps sound better. So how can you be sure you’re buying the best sump pump to meet your need? First, determine your need. During the next heavy rainstorm, notice how often your pump turns on and off. If it’s every minute, you’ll need a different pump than if it’s every 10 minutes. Make a point to do this before you shop. Buying too much pump is just as bad as buying too little. Unique characteristics of sump pump brands are outlined below.

YOUR PUMP, You Get to Choose!

Zoeller is known as the professional plumber's choice. Zoeller uses the highest grade of cast iron for their submersible pumps.

The Little Giant is known for its use of the diaphragm rather than a float-switch.

Wayne is known for its innovation. Some new features are successful, while others are not. For example, the Switch Genius technology uses a microprocessor (probe- water sensor) instead of a float. The idea was great however the probes were affected by calcification found in groundwater. Stak Enterprises has been successful with their probe switch technology that is not impacted by water chemicals.

Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) is known for its external dual float switch cage, which has two floats. One switch is used until it wears out then the other one operates providing double protection. Since the float switch cage is attached to the discharge pipe, it is easy to replace. Basement Watchdog is also known for its energy-efficient pumps.

Superior pumps are made with removable float switches so they can also be used as utility pumps.

Ridgid is manufactured by Wayne. Their models include tether and vertical float switch.

Myers is a trademark of Pentair Water, known for many types of water solutions. Their model has an anti-lock hole in the volute base and the pump is very serviceable.

Liberty is known for its one-piece unit eliminating the motor seal ring. It also has a quick-disconnect power cord and some of their pumps use a vertical magnetic float switch.

Flotec and Simer are known for offering Lifetime Warranties on their 3/4 HP submersibles with pump housing made from stainless steel.

Flint and Walling is a Zoeller company. Their pumps are shaped with a fin type body housing to increase efficiency.

Red Lion is known for using the snap action vertical float switch.

Red Lion and Zoeller floats are solid, so punctures will not cause float switch failure.

Only Liberty, Zoeller, and BasePumps manufacture water powered sump pumps.

Liberty, Zoeller, Wayne, Watchdog (Glentronics), Flotec, and Red Lion manufacturer combination sump pumps. The combination pump comes preassembled with a primary submersible pump and a battery backup pump. These preassembled pumps are easy to install. Of course, knowing the diameter of your pit is important to determine if it will fit into your pit.

Reliable Plumbing and Drain can install the sump pump of your choice. We are also certified installers of the PumpSpy sump pump monitoring systems. Schedule your appointment today!

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