Lateral Line Cleaning and Repair

What is a Lateral Line?

Every drainage system in a house (that is not the main plumbing line) can be called a lateral line. A sink drain, bathtub, or washing machine, any pipe that connects to the main city sewer is classified as a lateral line.

Do You Have Lateral Line Issues?

These are the lines that homeowners typically have issues with. To prevent further damage to your system, we recommend getting all of your pipes cleaned once a year. This prevents blockage in the system, and it also prevents the pipes from rotting or breaking.

Why Do Lateral Lines Fail?

Buildup on a pipe can cause corrosion, and the corrosion can cause holes in the pipe, which causes the pipe to fail. Just like maintenance on a car, if your motor is maintained, then the car will last longer. If your pipes are regularly maintained, it is less likely for the whole thing to break down.

Lateral Line Repair with Reliable Plumbing and Drain

We provide a full cleaning service for your pipes and make sure everything is running smoothly. To check out more information on our services, browse our site, or contact us today!

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